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 Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros

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PostSubject: Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros   Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 10:29 pm

By Christopher H. Ampong, Written in 2008
Bolstering inspiration from decades of contentions about less attended roadways, sporadic arms conflicts in our hinterlands, high rate of less informed indigents, being bereft of free secondary education, lack of access to healthcare assistance and insufficient measure on cleanliness drive, we therefore take the challenge to continue our campaign in fostering our town, suggesting that we embrace our achievements through the enabling role of good government, a thriving private sector, and the active involvement by all sectors of civil society which, by combined efforts, would lead to sustainable growth and development.

So we begin with the sentiments of two Jimalaludnons more than two decades apart but joined in a symmetry of paradoxical blend of indignation and acclamation.

One said this: “We have not seen tangible projects but heard only statements laden with promise and hope.” The other said this: “ Lahi’ na gyud kaayo ang Jimalalud - - - nindot ug daghang nahimo.”

The latter opinion belongs to a balikbayan, a ‘lumadnon’ and a man of otherwise genial disposition. The former one was made by another ‘lumadnon’, who chose to establish his family and business here in our town. Both spoke on condition of anonymity.

Conversely, it is one of the ironies of history that a true Jimalaludnon born out of deep revulsion, if not just intuitiveness or apprehensiveness, is now himself seeing a paradigm shift, from seacoast to the hinterlands, about progress, enlightenment and vibrancy of our town.

Meanwhile, somewhere between these two Jimalaludnons, nothing went awry in their impressions. And now, nevertheless, in our fiesta celebration, one may acknowledge in litany of praises and thanksgiving of what projects our municipality has accomplished and what expectations have been met thus far, and what must take place - - - all these evoke a fresh insight.

Such insight has metamorphosed from a kind of “dream” deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. It is not inclusive, as it were, but a mutually exclusive, motivating force embarking to plead those defiant political factions to forge with the same governance into a cohesive partnership of alliance, for effective social reform. We, therefore, call it a substantive part of social transformation.

Rightly so, one such manifestation of said partnership of alliance becomes evident by the establishment of a program that offers our indigents the healthcare assistance they need.

According to an article published by Visayan Daily Star sometime in October 2007, for example, the national government has approved a resolution to retain the existing contribution of indigents with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation at P 600 per enrollee. This, we will continue the enrolment of these individuals in that said corporation, despite the launching of the health insurance system by the provincial government. Aside from the capital fund of P 300 per enrollee, we welcome the assurance to extend a minimum assistance of P200,000 to our local government unit, provided we enroll first with said insurance. Having this kind of empowerment of our municipality, we will continue to march to the hills and mountains to extend our clinics.

Then, we keep our guards in advocating and encouraging the less fortunate to send their children to our public secondary institutions. In fact, these institutions raise the literacy rate, practically empowering our new generations. Thus, Jimalalud gains the mileage of having much higher rate of literacy than some of our neighboring towns.

But, our vision for a better Jimalalud does not rest on increasing our literacy rate. And, there is more to it than that. One must not forget that Jimalalud is more dynamic than static; that is, it changes as society changes. Thus, we propel our vision to a higher level and actuate the necessity of promoting programs that conform to our personal needs, especially in the area of stimulating investments, creating jobs and boosting the image of Jimalalud and, nevertheless, empowering the 'lumadnons'.

Nonetheless, we are strongly affected by our gender, class, race, subculture, lifestyle, position in society and our culture’s attitudes about all of these. Our lives are also deeply impacted by the economy, environment, and many other societal factors. Our attitudes about change form part of the social fabric and are also affected by our social experiences. That is why we must not forget that social transformation strikes at the heart of every ‘lumadnon.’

However, many of us are held back from pursuing our life purposes because of low self-esteem, a feeling of inadequacy, or a sense of not deserving to be successful in the world. Others may have difficulty because of fears of taking risks or sense of not being powerful in the world. It is very important to cultivate an attitude of acceptance, respect, and loving and enthusiastic support towards yourself. This, you may need the confidence and courage to take the risks in putting yourself out in the public eye, to become an active participant of our community development. Then, peace and order may continue to reign.

My dear hearts and gentle people:

Indeed, we have accomplished so much together. Therefore, we must compel ourselves to keep on promoting the heritage we now enjoy suggesting that no deflecting inroads may cross our path. Even our respective political, spiritual differences and social disparity should not hinder our purposes in life. It is simply about personal empowerment. In some way, it yields the power of trust in our leadership.

Today we, therefore, witness not just for the sentiments of two men more than two decades apart but for the acclamation by every concerned residents and visitors of our humble town.

A fine sense of distinction, Jimalalud is transforming --- becoming more beautiful than ever --- all because we never settle for less.

Yes, we will never rest on our laurels. In fact, today is just the beginning, for we continue to bring moral and social responsibility to the egocentric world of politics.

Note: Christopher "Cris" Ampong, son of three-termer Municipal Councilor Aido Vergara-Ampong and nephew of Guihulngan City Fiscal Attorney Vilmo Vergara-Ampong, is now the incumbent Vice Mayor of Jimalalud, Negros Oriental.

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Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros Empty
PostSubject: Re: Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros   Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 7:10 am

I had a great time reading around your post as I read it extensively. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Social Transformation of Jimalalud, Oriental Negros
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