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 EDITORIAL: Restoring lost faith

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PostSubject: EDITORIAL: Restoring lost faith   Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:45 pm


The Supreme Court should act swiftly and decisively on the latest bribery scandal report in the court of appeals, if they want people’s faith in the last bastion of good governance be restored and that is the judiciary.
For those of you who did not know, there is a report that an associate justice of the court of appeals wanted ten million pesos in exchange for his inhibition in the meralco case hearings. But here comes a businessman claiming that no, that associate justice demanded P50M, and not having gotten it, exposed the bribery but gave a lesser amount. Then the ateneo dean of the school of law, defended the beleaguered associated justice upholding the latter’s integrity.

Well, the people are no longer interested whether or not the bribe story happened or not. The fact is it is happening, and that it is of public knowledge among legal practitioners that the high courts are corruptible and the amounts are big time. Whether true or not is another story. But interestingly, no high public official has yet been sacked by top level courts. Is this reality check accurate? How many politicians” endorsements must be secured by candidates for judge, justice, fiscals , if not associate justices ?
This time, The SC must show no hesitation whatsoever in pursuing this controversy. The entire judiciary's reputation is tarnished by this scandal and the swiftness within which the SC responds will determine whether the damage is temporary and minimal or if it will be massive and irreparable, "this was the warning of Senate Majority leader Kilo Pangilinan. .

Justice Jose Sabio earlier protested the fishy Meralco petition decision by Presiding Justice Conrado Vazquez, Jr. insinuating that the latter received P10M from the power company.

"Whether true or not, The SC must respond with clear and convincing resoluteness by dismissing from the service the CA justices involved in the irregularities if the evidence warrants it.

We still have faith in the Supreme Court, . The people still trust that under the leadership of CJ Puno justice will be done and the guilty be made to account.
We The people, are tired of endless corruption and irregularities, and are crying out again in exasperation for tangible results and decisive actions……-
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EDITORIAL: Restoring lost faith
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