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 Critical Reporting

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PostSubject: Critical Reporting   Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:22 pm

City Peace Advocates
Lament the resurgence
Of bloody street crimes

The peace advocates in the city, an agrupation of different sectors in the city who are concerned with the peace condition of the city are again lamenting over the resurgence of Street crimes in Dumaguete.

These street crimes range from snatchings, holdups, gun fights, even murder and robberies. If these were orchestrated crime, it might tend to indicate that the capability of Senior Police Supt Leopoldo Cabanag is being tested by the crime world.

The crime world or the underground is trying to test how far police chief Cabanag and his men can go. in curbing the rise of criminality, and how far can Cabanag stretch his arm in implementing the law.

The pattern of the resurgence of petty crimes would seem to indicate that the quick response capability of the police is being under fire. It is either than there are slow in responding to crime calls, or, some are deliberately slowing their quick response so that they cannot catch up with the criminals who are heavily armed than them sometime. The police ability to pre empt the commission of crime is also tested by criminal elements.

In short, there is a great demand for improved police intelligence network. With all barangays having at least two transceiver radios, these vital means of communications should be used to the max, in order to prevent and pre empt the commission of crime.

Barangay tanods should be given incentive pays so they can be vigilant in accordance to the city’s crime clock and not their own time. Most of all they must be trained by competent men in crime prevention and pre-emption.

It is of public knowledge that Col Cabanag has yet to prove himself that he is equal if not better than his predecessor Col Conard Carlos. Carlos though, was here at the precise time when criminality was getting to its peak. People know that the city gang land is also reactivating its notoriety. Is it true that the rich gangs are sometimes used to protect the business interest of some people? Dont be surprised to see their roster of members which include sons of prominent politicians, prominent school officials, and rich scions of wealthy clans who have been seeking police favors and considerations ironically, for their notoriety. Whatta feeling!

It is high time that our police should improve its visibility, sense of justice and fairness, and its effectivity in solving, preventing and pre empting the commission of crime in the city. The local governments have given their all out support. It is time the police should also respond as a team, in proving once more that crime does not pay, and that the police is on the side of justice and equity and not anything else.
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Critical Reporting
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