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 Critical Reporting: Most People support the Repro. Bill

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PostSubject: Critical Reporting: Most People support the Repro. Bill   Sun Aug 17, 2008 8:02 pm

Most people support
the reproductive bill

The second hearing for the reproductive health measures pending in the Senate Committee on Health and Demography revealed THAT most government line agencies are supporting the bill on curbing the country's population.
People only know too well that if Filipinos depend on the weather and “zipper control” population explosion will go unabated. It is important that m Filipinos be educated enough to know the repercussion of uncontrolled population ……..
The Church-version of self control and rhythm methods which are otherwise known as “weather and zipper control” is not even widely accepted by most catholic women who use artificial means because they only know too well about dire economic consequences of the entire family if the birth of children are not controlled.
But then again, the State policy under the reproductive bill now pending in Congress, is to leave the decision to the couple. Meaning, legitimately married couple. The un-married couple should know only too well that besides committing adultery, both a sin against the State and God, this promiscuous culture can only end up in social poverty and distress of the entire society.

The committee on health and demography chaired by Sen Pia Cayetano, pointed out that all the government agencies invited in the hearing even expressed their support for the reproductive health bills, .

the second public hearing on various reproductive bills was attended by population experts, as well as representatives from "pro-life" and "pro-choice" groups who gave contending views on the controversial measure.

"The interesting thing is that all the line agencies that were represented in this hearing—including the DOH, DSWD, DepEd, CHED, Commission on Population, National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women—all of them expressed support for the reproductive health bill.”

A significant data presented at the hearing was the fact that the increasing popularity of modern contraceptives like the pill, injectable and condom among Filipino couples has led to lower population growth in the Philippines in the last seven years, ….but not through the promotion of natural family planning.

But abortion is not allowed by this bill anywhere in the Philippines. Never.
"These bills are not paving the way for abortion to be allowed in the country. To address the concerns of Pro-Life groups, chair of the committee on health Sen Pia Cayetano assured the pro life group that abortion will not be allowed in the country. It's one of the major issues that the senators have resolved."

Moreover, the same public hearing also emphasized that couples still have the last say on the family planning method are they going to follow, which depends on the needs of a family.
Finally, It was also emphasized in the hearing that the choice of family planning method is a personal choice. These bills does not dictate couples to use artificial contraception, the bills only aim to provide couples with choices which are based on age, on needs and on their own personal circumstances.”
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Critical Reporting: Most People support the Repro. Bill
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