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 [b]What is happening with the new concreted Valencia Road?[/

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PostSubject: [b]What is happening with the new concreted Valencia Road?[/   Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:54 am

It was really neccessary to do something on the Valencia road. Despite the time it took I was happy that we started a good newly widen concreted road. What happend, 2 month ago they started to "modify" the newly concreted road in the area of Bagacay and add a layer of some black tar on the concrete. At first a wet surface makes this tar covered over the road dangerous to drive. Secondly the black layer of tar was not even covering nicely the whole surface of the road!! Third, I new allready that this tar can not hold on a concrete surface and during a very hot weather everything will get soft and damage our newly road. This is what's happening at this moment. This part of the road road is allready damaged. Is this the way we need to spent money to improve our Valencia road? What a waste of the taxpayers money. I invite you all to drive in this part of the road and you will get a shock of your life.
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[b]What is happening with the new concreted Valencia Road?[/
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